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Not sure about WindBot? Scroll down to find out more.

WindBot was developed to be
compatible with most versions
of Windows. Starting from
Windows XP up to the newest
Windows 10.
WindBot was designed to be
completely universal. It is not only
intuitive but also highly
customizable. Both newbie and
advanced players will be amazed
by its ease of usage.
WindBot is fast and responsive.
You can run multiple instances
of the bot and use its multiple
features without slowing
down your computer.
Scripting with WindBot is
super easy! The Lua language
allows even beginners to make
custom scripts and adapt to
different events and gaming styles.


Nobody likes to wait. Buying WindBot time has never been quicker. Purchase a licence through our website and receive your licence in a blink of an eye. Our automated system charges licences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wherever you are – it does not matter. We accept credit/debit card payments from Europe and all over the world. You can also use this website in Polish.

We have already served over 10 000 customers!


Thanks for the fast activation. <3madness
Thank you, it was really fast and easy!Henkz
At first I was worried but then I checked the reseller list. Fastest service of all! Cheapest too.forshley guardia
Trustworthy and Fast Seller. I bought licences for tibia coins several times and it didn’t take longer then 15-30 mins.Rihop
Really fast. 5 minutes :D. Thanks 🙂siwylkw
thanks, awesome service!
the best reseller ever!!!Elgu
I must say I’m really impressed with your support service. I had a trouble finding some answers regarding the bot and you replied me within an hour. Many thanks!Marley
Fast and reliable. Bought a licence for Tibia Coins, sent the coins. My windbot was charged in 30 minutes.Andrevv
Few clicks and it’s done! A real time-saver.foshkaa
fast as hell ! 100% recomended thx guys ! 🙂kazaraba

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